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Knowledge Management, ITC and Spillover Effects in Mexico

Author(s): Raúl Carral, Alfredo Capote

Citation: Raúl Carral, Alfredo Capote, (2010) "Knowledge Management, ITC and Spillover Effects in Mexico," Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, Vol. 6, Iss. 4, pp. 102 - 111

Article Type: Research paper

Publisher: North American Business Press


This paper presents a perspective on Information Technology and Communications (ITC) and spillover effects in Mexico competitiveness and generation of wealth. We have reviewed some of the basic aspects regarding IT and Computer Technology, innovation and the effect that these have into competitiveness, productivity and overall creation of wealth. In advanced organizations and economies, leading edge practices of knowledge management together with the proper implementation of innovations and ITC are promising sources of productivity growth. The use of knowledge in a broader perspective using tacit and explicit knowledge and ingraining that knowledge into the ideas and ideals of the organization generating a vision and mission of the organization makes a complete new level of development. This, together with the usage of technology generates productivity growth. We have also sketched a process for ITC development and drew conclusions on the practices and culture that should go hand in hand with technology development to make a more significant impact. It is important to notice that some organizations and economies have adopted a new cluster of information work practices and culture by itself that we need to learn and generate in Mexico.