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Implementing No/Low Code Development in a Systems Analysis and Design Course

Author(s): Jack Crumbly, Daniela Field

Citation: Jack Crumbly, Daniela Field, (2020) "Implementing No/Low Code Development in a Systems Analysis and Design Course," Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, Vol. 15, Iss. 5, pp. 116-130

Article Type: Research paper

Publisher: North American Business Press


No/Low Code is the next phase in the code evolution. Enterprise companies build complex solutions using platforms that are primarily no/low code. According to Gartner - “By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.” Thus, adding a no/low code tool at Tuskegee University’s System Analysis & Design class prepares students for the future. During class, students select projects, analyze, design, build, and implement full systems using the latest expertise tools and processes such as the agile The paper highlights why tools such as Mendix are important to incorporate in the classroom.