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Seeking Innovation: A Typology of Knowledge Search Strategy by SMEs

Author(s): Taewan Kim, Sang M. Lee, Byungku Lee, Byungheon Lee

Citation: Taewan Kim, Sang M. Lee, Byungku Lee, Byungheon Lee, (2020) "Seeking Innovation: A Typology of Knowledge Search Strategy by SMEs," Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, Vol. 15, Iss. 3, pp. 10-23

Article Type: Research paper

Publisher: North American Business Press


While firms’ search for new knowledge has been investigated mostly for large enterprises, there is a lack of empirical research to examine knowledge search strategy by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This study seeks to fill this gap in the innovation literature by examining differences in knowledge search strategy by SMEs. Drawing on a survey data obtained from 3,175 SMEs, we used cluster analysis to identify groups of SMEs that pursue homogenous knowledge search strategy. The study results shed insights about how SMEs should develop knowledge search strategy and technological dynamism to proactively harness the benefits of knowledge search.