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Driving Organizational Innovation as a form of Intrapreneurship within the Context of Small Businesses

Author(s):  Sonia Aguilar, Edward F. Vengrouskie, Robert A. Lloyd

Citation: Sonia Aguilar, Edward F. Vengrouskie, Robert A. Lloyd, (2019) "Driving Organizational Innovation as a form of Intrapreneurship within the Context of Small Businesses," Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, Vol. 14, Iss. 3, pp. 25-28

Article Type: Research paper

Publisher: North American Business Press


In past decades the majority of intrapreneurship research refers to the process of improving organizational profitability, thus enhancing the competitive position within large organizations, while largely ignoring such value to smaller companies (Antonic & Hirsch, 2003; Garvin & Levesque, 2006; Ibrahim, 2016; Kocjancic & Bojnec, 2013). The purpose of this article is to stress the importance of practicing entrepreneurship, known as intrapreneurship, within the context small businesses. It is our belief that small businesses, like their larger counterparts, must evolve within a highly competitive environment where innovation is vital. We argue that intrapreneurship is not exclusively for large firms.