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Union Participation: A Social Exchange Perspective

Author(s): Ray Gibney, Marick F. Masters, Thomas J. Zagenczyk, Thomas Amlie, Stephen Brady

Citation: Ray Gibney, Marick F. Masters, Thomas J. Zagenczyk, Thomas Amlie, Stephen Brady, (2012) "Union Participation: A Social Exchange Perspective," Journal of Management Policy and Practice, Vol. 13, Iss. 4, pp. 35 - 49

Article Type: Research paper

Publisher: North American Business Press


We introduce the concept of perceived union obstruction (PUO), which expands the union-member social exchange relationship literature to include negative relationships. In addition, we assess cross foci-target perceptions and behaviors by testing hypotheses regarding the effects of perceived treatment by the organization and union on commitment to the union and participation in union activities. Hypotheses are tested using a sample of 168 public sector union members. Regression results provided mixed results for hypotheses. Generally, negative exchange relationships had a greater impact on attitudes and behaviors. Implications for theory and practice are discussed.