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Is Individualism a Predictor of Social Capital in Business Incubators?

Author(s): Semra F. Aşcıgil, Nace R. Magner

Citation: Semra F. Aşcıgil, Nace R. Magner, (2013) "Is Individualism a Predictor of Social Capital in Business Incubators?," Journal of Management Policy and Practice, Vol. 14, Iss. 5, pp. 113 - 119

Article Type: Research paper

Publisher: North American Business Press


This paper examines whether entrepreneurs’ individualism is related to their perceptions of social capital
within a business incubator of which their company is a tenant. Social capital is a resource derived from
the content and structure of social relations among incubator tenants. Questionnaire data from managers
of tenant companies of five incubators established by the State Privatization Office of the Turkish
Republic were analyzed with regression. Individualism had a positive relationship with perceptions of
structural social capital and cognitive social capital, but was not related to perceptions of relational
social capital.