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Organizational Environment, Personal Resources and Work Engagement as Predictors of Coaching Performance

Author(s): Bas Kodden, Leon Hupkes

Citation: Bas Kodden, Leon Hupkes, (2019) "Organizational Environment, Personal Resources and Work Engagement as Predictors of Coaching Performance," Journal of Management Policy and Practice, Vol. 20, Iss. 3, pp. 53-71

Article Type: Research paper

Publisher: North American Business Press


We developed and tested a model examining the influence of organizational environment, job demands, personal resources, burnout and work engagement on the coaching performance of coaching professionals. The study proposed that there is a relationship between organizational environment and coaching performance and that personal resources and work engagement mediate the effects of this relationship. The study implies that both the health impairment and motivational processes as described by the JDR-model can be applied to the context of coaching professionals. Because of the strategic importance of human capital in coaching enterprises, it is important for the continuity of the organization that they will provide their practitioners with tangible suggestions to improve coaching performance.